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[ Technical Support ]

Resources & Protection Technology Limited (named RPT) is fully catch-up the most advance "Renewable & Sustainable Technology" , such as "Solar Thermal"; "Photovoltaic Electricity"; "Wind Power"; "AWHP Air to Water Heat Pump" and "Heat Pipe"; "Green Glass" etc.. Keep tracing any possible technologies which are related to Environmental or Resources Protection topics. Base on our experience for years, we would like to share our experience to everybody who are interest to be involved in this industry.

As a remark, the "Full Glass Evacuated-Tube Solar Thermal Technology" which been highly recommended by us (RPT), due to it really has alots of advantages to be the best in the industry, for even the coming Days or Centuries. And if you're doubt about the possibility on marketing the right Solar Thermal Products under unknow performance or output power, our product and support must win you / your client's confidence back now.

Anyway, RPT Solar Thermal Products / Systems come with extra high efficiency (above 3 time more than the traditional products), with Super Low energy lost ratio too. It is perfectly to work alone by sun energy without gas or electric sources.

In the past, no Contractors will carry "After Sales Services" on "Green Energy Projects / Tenders", only we (RPT) did it! The facts is that RPT never missed any customer's support since the Year 1997, and we have never missed the "retension money" too ! Welcome to check again all our Happy Users who are located near you !

Please start from now on to help youself / your client to protect the Earth !

For any related inquiries, please feel free address to or together with yours detail case information and requirement for our quick response.


Remarks: Materials in this page are copyrighted by RPT